We provide parents and caregivers an array of materials that will teach the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion to their school-aged children in a fun and meaningful way. Colorful Talks’ team of education experts, with the help of a diverse group of parents, carefully developed play-based modules, instructional content, designed for school-aged kids to enjoy. Start Playing!

As we launch into 2022 with goals of equity and inclusion please support our new nonprofit by gifting this calendar this holiday season.

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Thank you for your support of Colorful Talks. We are excited to continue to move forward with engaging parents and children in important diversity conversations to further understanding and acceptance.


These modules have been carefully crafted to assist families grappling with the topic of race. Progress through the topics as you see fit for you and your family.

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Each person’s journey with race and diversity education is different. If you or a family member have a topic suggestion or a question you’d like our team to explore, please complete this form.

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